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CDF at Solid Rock


We’re looking for volunteers and prayer warriors to help with this project.


How can you help?

We can never understate the importance of prayer. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance and for the Lord to provide the resources we will need to complete the project. Pray that we do not get too caught up in the buildings that we forget about the purpose and the people we hope to impact.

We plan to build two steel buildings similar to the Rose Lodges and Worship Building at Solid Rock. We will finish out the insides of these buildings as we have the finances to pay for them. If you have any kind of construction expertise, we would love to do some of the work with volunteers.

  • Electrical
  • Construction
  • Sheetrock
  • Plumbing
  • Painting
  • Design
  • Landscaping

If you offer professional services like those listed above, we would love to get quotes for those services.

When our prayer building is completed we want to begin regular prayer in the prayer room. Consider committing an hour time slot or more per week to prayer.

As the Lord leads, consider donating money to help finance this project.

Please email us at, or use the form below. 

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